Standard Colors: RED, WHITE, and BLACK

Ask dealer for cost on color upgrades and insulated floor upgrades.

Product structure and design subject to change without notice.

The Ridgeline Shed Trailer / Ice Fish Houses starting at 820 pounds (with the removable 160 pound axle system included), rest assure you can get out on the ice when the fish are actually biting, during early ice and late ice. Unlike the other self-contained brands, that can weigh up to 4,000 pounds and more, and require a 5,000-pound truck to tow them. Not with the Ridgeline Fish House! Our trailer is light enough you can Tow it with your ATV and also trailer your Favorite recreational vehicle fully secured with in your Ridgeline Shed Trailer / Fish Ice House. We’ve made it easy enough to go out on the ice just for the day or extended time of stay. You might be saying to yourself that this unit seems so portable and versatile that 'others may try to steel my Ridgeline Fish House' - but not with our Ridgeline’s exclusive, removable-axle design to prevent theft. Ridgeline Shed Trailer / Fish Ice house also have enough curb appeal to be utilized as you’re off-season storage unit.

Ridgeline Fish House
Ridgeline Fish House

Axle Rotation

Ridgeline axle rotation can be operated without a winch without a load in the fish house. For easy operation with a loaded fish house, the optional winch kit will get the job done. There are no cables to break and no pulleys to fail, just a simplified hassle-free system.


V-fronts may be added to any length fish house. If extra room is what you are after, the v-front will accommodate that. The v-front option also provides an aerodynamic shape for improving gas mileage.


• 040 Aluminum Siding
• Cross Members 24" O/C
• Tongue Jack
• 2" Coupler
• Insulated Sliding Windows
• 3,500 Lb. Independent Torsion Axle on 10 foot and 12 foot model and 2200 Lb on 8-foot mode
• 13" Wheel & Tire
• Aluminum Fenders
• Removable Axle Arms for Anti-Theft or Storage
• Standard with 12 Volt rear yard light.
• Insulated Double-Rear Lockable Swing Door
• 50"W x 60-3/4"H Door Clearance
• 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" Tubular Wall and Ceiling
• 6'8" Interior Height
• 4 - 12" Fish House Holes With Covers
• 6 Interior Tie-Down Locations
• Interior Dome Lights With Switch
• L.E.D Taillights
• Optional Aluminum Wheels
• All one piece aluminum roof
• Spring loaded propane gas line door
• Winch free drop axle and drop tongue
• 18” Tread Bright Rock Guard on sides and front
• Optional Tread Bright Roof Trim (showed in some photo’s)
• The lightest self contained Fish House on the Planet!!!

Ridgeline Fish House

820 Pound 6’X8’ RIDGELINE shown with optional Tread Bright Roof Trim.

• 040 Screw Less Siding
• 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" Tubular Wall & Ceiling 
• Cross Members 24" O/C* 2 Insulated Sliding Windows
• 6' 8" Interior Height

Ridgeline Fish House
• Insulated Double Rear Lockable Swing Door
• 51" Clearance Width
• L.E.D Tail Lights
• Rear Yard Light
Ridgeline Fish House
Ridgeline Fish House
Ridgeline Fish House
• 3500 lb Independent Torsion axle equipped on 10’and 12’ model 2200 Lbs on 8’ model
• 13" Wheel & Tire
• Alum Fenders
• Removable Axle Arms for Anti-Theft or Storage
• Optional Propane Tank Holder
Ridgeline Fish House
• 12 Volt Exterior Rear Yard Lights
• 2" Coupler
• Tongue Jack
• Drop Tongue on all Models
• Exclusive Ridgeline mechanism hassle free Removable Axle Design
Ridgeline Fish House
Ridgeline Fish House
• 4-fish house holes W/Covers (Picture shown with optional covers that can be added). Photo Shown with self installed melamine interior.
• 6 Interior Tie Down location for inside cargo
Ridgeline Fish House
• RV Double interior lights (please see spec chart for standard quantities per model)
Ridgeline Fish House

Upgrade any Ridgeline Fish House with 100% fully sealed spray foam interior with added additional structure integrity. With Spray foam interior your Ridgeline Fish house will be effortless to heat. We can transport Your Ridgeline Fish House to our spray foam connection for you or you take it to whom you would like to have spray foam. We know most Ice Fish House enthusiast have a personal preference of what they would like for interior, with a Ridgeline do what you want and finish the inside the way you would want it. Remember to do with lightweight materials so you can TREAD LIGHTLY FISH HARD!!!!!!

One Year Warranty on RIdgeline Fish Houses.
Please consult with a Ridgeline representative  for current product  design and specifications.

Check out our Fish House website at www.ridgelinefishhouse.com


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